For years, hospitals and other medical facilities have shied away from secondary market savings. And it made sense — how do you find quality used medical equipment that you know actually works and meets patient care standards?

But “used” doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

BidMed helps take the uncertainty out of the process. Sourcing second-hand equipment can save hospitals 30-60% on new acquisitions, and Certified Pre-Owned Equipment is a great turnkey solution for exceptional savings.

With over 20 years’ combined experience in the industry, we know where to source quality equipment. Whether coming out of service from another medical facility or refurbished equipment from trusted vendors, we connect hospitals to the assets they need.

Quality Used Medical Equipment Sources

There are a number of secondary market sources, and each has its own benefits. BidMed focuses on these top three: hospital direct, bankruptcy liquidations, and quality refurbished.

Hospital Direct

Hospital-direct purchases are a great source for unexpected savings. Such sales frequently include like-new equipment not otherwise available on the secondary market. These assets are often mistaken purchases, or specialty equipment for a doctor that has left the facility.

Because of BidMed’s relationship with thousands of hospitals across North America, we can connect buyers with this equipment before it ever hits a public marketplace.

Consider this: An acute care center purchased a Mako Robot during Q4 for a doctor who left shortly after. The machine was only used twice.

This type of equipment is not generally available on the secondary market and was a rare find with huge savings, including a still-active service agreement.

Bankruptcy Liquidations

These situations are opportunities for exceptional savings for proactive buyers. Due to very tight timelines, creditors need to liquidate inventory quickly, equaling a huge advantage for buyers.

However, these types of sales pop up suddenly, so they are most beneficial with proactive capital planning.

Consider this: Walnut Hill was a state of the art facility opened in 2015 that filed for bankruptcy in 2017. All equipment was under 3 years old.

Because there were only 2.5 weeks to remove all assets, this was a great opportunity for smart buyers. For example, one customer spent $2.5M on imaging equipment valued at $10M new (75% savings).

In the case of bankruptcy liquidations, BidMed can also provide buyers with logistics support and recommendations, including de-installation, re-installation, and savings over OEM purchases.

Quality Refurbished

In the current economic climate, BidMed has witnessed a profound shift in the perception of purchasing pre-owned medical equipment.

Previously, buying refurbished medical equipment was difficult for hospitals. Many facilities faced obstacles choosing vendors, not knowing which refurbishment processes and warranties to trust.

Now, hospitals considering certified pre-owned equipment turn to BidMed. We have an extensive network of trusted and vetted vendors based on specialty. BidMed can also provide warranty management assistance.

Consider this: Did you know there are 120 hospital bed refurbishers in US? We trust three.

At the end of the day, cheap is expensive and we prioritize quality. This ensures cost savings now doesn’t equal another costly purchase later. We personally visit all our trusted vendors to verify the quality of their work.

Are you ready to see how much secondary market equipment could save your facility?

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