Stop wasting time and money searching for equipment already available in your health system.

Disjointed inventory records and slow, complicated paper trails make it difficult to identify and access surplus equipment.

But with Helix, we make it easy to maintain a single, centralized system of record, improving visibility and cutting down wasted time and stress looking for the assets you need.

Plus, simplified workflows with fast digital approvals make requesting and approving transfers easier than ever, letting you focus on what’s really important — delivering the best patient care possible.

Simplify and improve compliance with automated workflows and digital approval processes.
Create consistency and transparency by connecting your entire team on one platform.
Retain value and extend useful life, keeping equipment accessible and in service longer.
Fit YOUR needs with a fully-customizable platform tailored for your health system.

Need an updated record to start?

If your equipment list has lost its accuracy over time, that’s ok! We see it with hospitals and health systems all across North America.

Check out our Inventory Reconciliation Services to start off on the right foot. Get fast results with no disruption to patient care or facility operations.

See How Helix Works for You

Workflow+ makes finding, requesting, and approving equipment transfers easier than ever.

  • a single, centralized database adds transparency across your health system
  • personalized workflow queues help expedite approvals and keep the team on track
  • unlimited tiered-access user accounts let everyone stay connected on a single platform
  • reporting and insights help communicate between biomed and financial departments
Helix Mobile puts the power to finalize inventory transfers right in your pocket.

  • barcode and QR code scanner using native camera quickly locates equipment transfer details
  • native image capture helps quickly add photos documenting additional details or current equipment condition
  • checkout feature confirms equipment has been packaged and released for shipping
  • a simple intake scan at the receiving site updates database details
  • available for iOS mobile devices

Ready to optimize your entire equipment workflow?

Schedule a 30min demo to see our software live and assess your specific needs.